Medical transport

Medical transport. Safe and sound.

At European Ambulance Service, we offer safe, recumbent transport for individuals who need to get to and from hospital, clinic, care center and the like. Both in Denmark, the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

Home transport from abroad and airport

If you have been injured abroad and need to be transported home, we will get you back across the border safely and securely.

All employees at European Ambulance Service are used to the long journeys, and will do everything to ensure that you have a pleasant experience along the way.

If you have been flown home and need to be picked up at the airport, we can help.

Whether it’s across the country or a short trip, we’ll get you home safely.

What is the difference between recumbent medical transport and ambulance driving?

A recumbent patient transport is for patients who do not need emergency treatment, but who still need to lie down.

There are rescuers in the car who keep an eye on the patient and provide care, but there is no medical equipment present.

On the other hand, an ambulance is equipped with various equipment, instruments and medicines that the rescuers can use to treat the patient en route, if necessary.

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