European Ambulance Service

Professional ambulance service and recumbent transport of patients. An ambitious, competent team for your event.

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Guardian ambulance for your event

A competent ambulance service at your event (for example motor racing, festivals, cycling, events), so you live up to the regulatory requirements and provides the guests with a professional and safe level of security.

Ambulance service

Driving in Denmark, Norway and all of Europe. We provide caring and safe transport with focus on the patient. We offer ambulance service in situations where regional offers do not cover. Recumbent (home)transport with ambulance, when you yourself or your insurance must pay (for example transport when returning home from your holiday).

Ambulance service for events

We offer our service at events and arrangements, which requires a prehospital service, for example motor racing, festivals, sport arrangements and other bigger events

Professional first-aid at smaller events

When the requirements are less, we can be helpful; we can come with Samaritans or first-aiders. Contact us to get a non-committal offer.

European Ambulance Service has been a competent collaborator in reference to our speedway race.

Søren Thomsen