Recumbent transport of patients - private transport of patients

European Ambulance Service offer safe and recumbent transport of patients for private individuals, when accidents occur.

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Recumbent transport of patients in Denmark, the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

When accidents occur and someone has been injured, they must be transported to the nearest hospital.

This is usually done in a regular ambulance, but in addition to this, European Ambulance Service offers recumbent ambulance service.

European Ambulance Service thus serves recumbent patients in connection with ambulance transport in Denmark, the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

Recumbent transport of patients or ambulance service

The difference between ambulance service and recumbent transport is that in an ambulance it is possible to get treatment along the way.

The ambulance is equipped with various equipment, tools and medicines that rescuers can use to treat the patient along the way, if necessary.

In a recumbent transport, this is not an option. Instead, it should be used for patients who do not need emergency treatment, but still need to lie down when transported to the hospital.

There are still rescuers in the ambulance who keep an eye on the patient and provide care, but there is no medical equipment present as in an ambulance.

Car equipment and construction

Our ambulances contain all the necessary equipment, according to current rules and with the newest equipment on the market.

Of course, additional equipment and materials can be requested, if necessary, in a given situation.

What recumbent transport involves

Recumbent transport can be used to transport patients between the patient’s home and hospital, private clinics, specialists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, hospice, care center, etc.

Our transport of patients can also be help in case of driving home from the airport etc. In addition to Denmark, we offer home delivery throughout the Nordic region and from the rest of Europe.

European Ambulance Service has been a competent collaborator in reference to our speedway race.

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