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We offer competent and professional ambulance service tailored to individual needs.

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We offer competent and professional ambulance service

European Ambulance Service offers assistance within ambulance service and recumbent transport in Denmark, the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

We are flexible and always adapt the transport according to the patient’s needs and the doctor’s instructions to ensure highly qualified transport.

Well-educated rescuers man our ambulances

European Ambulance Service is a young ambulance company that only uses employees with high competence. Everyone has at least one ambulance-education.

Staff from all professional groups

We have Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Therapists and Assistants.

We prioritize that our staff is always up to date with the latest education within the pre-hospital and that they have several years of experience.

Ambulance for larger events

According to law, an ambulance must be present at a number of events, e.g. in motorsport.

At European Ambulance Service, we offer manned ambulances for all types of events – both large and small.

We have the necessary competencies within ambulance operations, so you can safely leave the safety to us.

A flexible solution within ambulance services

European Ambulance Service is a flexible solution compared to the traditional solutions within ambulance and ambulance transport in Denmark.

At European Ambulance Service, we adapt our solutions to your needs, so you get the right solution – without compromising patient safety.

We only have competent and well-educated ambulance rescuers, who all bring the latest equipment on the tasks.

Ambulance services in Denmark, the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe

European Ambulance Service has modern ambulances with the latest and necessary equipment.

We drive when the Public Health Insurance do NOT cover and, in accident- and transport situations that do not allow a regional or recumbent ambulance.

European Ambulance Service also performs long-term ambulance journeys in Denmark, the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe and collaborate with both private and public bodies.

We also provide transport for hospitalization and home transport for self- or insurance-paid treatment at private hospitals and clinics.

All trips are planned according to individual wishes and needs.

European Ambulance Service complies with Danish law

All our ambulance rescuers are educated in accordance with Executive Order 1264 of 09/11/18, Paramedics (level 3), Therapists (level 2) and Assistants (level 1)

The ambulances are always manned according to current legislation, which ensures quality.

The rescuers all have extensive pre-hospital experience and are subject to the Danish Agency for Patient Safety and the Patient Complaints Board.

European Ambulance Service has its own corps doctor, who is responsible for the rescuers’ training and professional quality.

European Ambulance Service has been a competent collaborator in reference to our speedway race.

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