About European Ambulance Service

At European Ambulance Service, price and quality are connected. When it comes to human lives, we do not compromise on quality.

About European Ambulance Service

In many companies, price and quality are linked, as is the case with European Ambulance Service. Something you need to be aware of when choosing ambulance service could, for example, be:

  • Do European Ambulance Service have the latest equipment?
  • Do the ambulance rescuers and the ambulance’s equipment meet the requirements of the ambulance order?
  • Do the rescuers, doctors and other staff have a high enough level of education?
  • Do the European Ambulance Service comply with ambulance legislation?

Our answer to all these questions is of course: Yes.

Our main office and two stations are on Zealand, Denmark.

Why you should choose European Ambulance Service

There are many good reasons to choose us as your partner when it comes to safety at major events.

  • We are affiliated with the Danish Agency for Patient Safety
  • We have a Corps Doctor
  • We comply with the Executive Order on Ambulance Operations
  • We are approved for emergency driving
  • We have a cooperation agreement with the Regions in Denmark
  • We only use Paramedics and Ambulance Therapists/Assistants

An ambitious ambulance company

European Ambulance Service is a young and ambitious ambulance company. We only use highly skilled employees and always show empathy, care and security in our work.

We greatly appreciate that our patients and their relatives have a good and safe experience when they drive with us.

We solve all tasks

With our competent staff and modern ambulances, European Ambulance Service solve any ambulance task, where e.g. the public health insurance does not cover, or in case of transport from the airport to your home. In addition, we cover all kinds of events where competent ambulance rescuers are needed.

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